Presenting Emma

HW2 300Max Hatfield is an exacting, dominant man who has built his enterprise around coaching women in becoming hot wives. He has everything covered – presentation, beauty regimes, dressing to please. And the skills that women need if they’re going to satisfy the gentlemen who are part of his exclusive club.

When Emma’s given one of Max Hatfield’s business cards, she sees a way to make her fantasies come true. A way to learn, and a way to be taken in a way that she never has before. Emma, the shy, home-loving wife who plays out her fantasies alone has discovered something new and embarked on a journey that will change her forever.

And Ken? Ken’s just the husband. Thrilled at this new part of Emma’s life, but not yet realising what it is that he’s been wishing for. To be locked in chastity. Cuckolded as he sees his wife enjoying the attention of new men. Real men who can give her the pleasure that he’s never been able to.

Max Hatfield has accepted Emma for Hotwife Coaching following an intimate interview and inspection. He sets out a path for Emma that will enable her to find pleasure in men who aren’t her husband. But first, she must attend a second appointment. This time with Ken present too.

Emma learns the beginnings of controlling Ken. Humiliating him with thoughts of other men enjoying her, his own manhood locked in chastity and safe from any temptation.

As Emma is prepared for her new role, Max Hatfield demonstrates how she will be displayed and promoted to the men who might enjoy her company. Men with similar discerning and particular tastes to his own.

Emma’s exhibitionist fantasies are revealed as her husband is required to film her first guided masturbation session. To create footage that will advertise her availability and attract the attention of real men with desires to take her.

With scenes introducing cuckolding, chastity and the presentation of Emma’s first anklet this story is definitely for bedtime reading when husbands are fast asleep.

Available now on and – and on the Amazon site local to you.


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