The Interview

HW1 300Emma shares a favorite fantasy with her husband. A fantasy in which another man takes her in a way Ken never has.

Ken’s a good husband, and a great provider. Their marriage is built on very strong foundations. And yet hotwife and cuckold fantasies play through both of their minds over and over. What if? But how? Making it happen might not be as simple as the fantasy suggests.

When Ken gives Emma a business card, a different set of possibilities open up to her. The possibility of being coached as a hotwife. The possibility of having someone introduce her to a new world. Perhaps, eventually, the possibility of being taken roughly and without protection.

This first book introduces Emma to Max Hatfield, Hotwife Coach. A hastily arranged interview takes Emma through some of Mr Hatfield’s expectations. A thorough examination tests her in ways she hadn’t imagined. And one of Mr Hatfield’s colleagues is only too pleased to assist with showing Emma the pleasure that a woman can have in the hands of a real man.

Emma will eventually be able to attract the very best gentlemen on Mr Hatfield’s books. But first she must submit to his rigorous interview and a very intimate inspection.

Available now on and – and on your local Amazon site.


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