A Note about Kindle Unlimited

I’ve been publishing via Amazon since March this year, and I’ve had an amazing run as a newcomer to self-publishing. A big proportion of readers have come to me via the Kindle Unlimited platform.

Sadly, Amazon have changed the way that they pay for borrows via KU as of yesterday and the new system’s not going to be viable for me long term. Amazon haven’t revealed the actual pricing structure, but it looks to be somewhere around half a cent a page. The expected low rate – and the uncertainty of not knowing – is too much of a gamble to take.

I want to develop my writing, create a couple of new pen names and write more often. For that to work, I need to move out of Kindle Unlimited and into some new markets.

I’ll still be publishing on Amazon. I’ll also be joining other retailers to promote my books to a wider audience.

Some of my books will stay in KU for another three weeks or so. I’ll be moving others out just as soon as I can set up on the other sites – but I’ll have plenty of freebies going on through July. If there are books you’ve not read yet, look out for offers coming up every couple of days. Hopefully that will go some way to thanking those of you who’ve supported my writing up to now.

Edited to add – Links to all of the sites where I now have books available are on my new ‘Where to Buy’ page.



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