My New Hotwife Novella – A Sneak Preview

Charms One Sapphire Cover CROPPEDI’m beyond excited to be in the final stages of my latest book; a hotwife novella and an introduction to the Thornton marriage.

You’re going to love Chester and Amanda as they explore the realities of the lifestyle for the first time. I can’t wait to share them with you!

It should be out within the next few days. If you’re not already signed up for my newsletter, click here to register and I’ll be sure to let you know as soon as it’s available.

For now, a sneak preview from the very beginning…

I watched her intently, knowing that every other man there was looking at her too. A flash of stocking. A glimpse of cleavage. Whatever other interactions were happening, a corner of every male eye was ready to focus on her and her seat beside the bar.

We were all of us waiting for the slightest movement, our collective breath pausing a little each time it seemed that she might adjust her position.

She ordered the drinks, played with the top button on her blouse and started flirting with the barman.

I knew that he was too young for her. He blushed too easily. He wouldn’t have been any contest, and I told myself that it’s the game that she’d enjoy most of all.

He’d have been too easy. Wouldn’t have known how to fight for her, or when to take control.

She pulled him towards her and whispered something in his ear as she handed him a ten dollar note. Her gift to him. The wine would be listed on my bill in the morning. The barman blushed very slightly. Enough to thrill her. Her first conquest.

She looked across at our table and smiled at me. A delicious, conspiratorial smile that lit up the whole of her face and told me that this particular game was almost over.

She slipped down from her stool, blew a kiss to the barman and carried two glasses of wine back to our table.

“He wanted you so much, you know.” I told her.

“Oh, I know,” she grinned. Not showing the slightest embarrassment as she ran her fingers across the rim of her glass and locked her eyes back on his. “I know.”

New Years is always a special night for us. We’ve done it this way since we met, although sometimes I forget what a little space for ourselves does for us. For her, particularly. Time away from the responsibility of being a wife and her work. It’s like she can be something different when we forget about home and who we are and book a room somewhere ordinary.

The hotel bar was full of couples enjoying their kind of night out together. A few larger groups had stumbled in from other bars across the city. Girls out celebrating together and pretending that they had more fun without men in their lives. Men behaving too badly and drinking too much to be of use to anyone.

Amanda was, by far, the best looking girl in the place. I have bias. I know that. I mean, even if I didn’t think that way I’d convince myself of it. Being married to her is the biggest deal I ever managed to pull off, and I still catch myself not quite believing that sometimes.

But she genuinely was the best looking girl there that night, and I knew that any right thinking man would feel the same.

She threw her hair back, looking around the room for other eyes to catch. She enjoyed teasing me. I enjoyed watching her tease.

She whispered to me. “Another one. There’s another guy watching me now. What’s a girl to do with all this attention?”

I told her I needed the bathroom, and before I’d even left her he was making his way over.

She and I both knew that I’d be watching.

He was brash. Confident. His friends laughed as he sat opposite her at our table, taking my place and making himself right at home. She made him welcome. Took a sip of his beer to show both of us how comfortable she was to have him there with her.

He made her laugh. I watched her shaking her head. I guessed she was telling him that I was nothing to be concerned about. Or that she didn’t have to ask my permission to have someone else take my seat.

He ran his fingers over the back of her hand. A fast mover. I liked that. He kissed her forearm, and I watched a flicker of hesitation wash across her face. Her fingers moved up to brush the edges of her bangs away from her eyes. My signal. I walked back to the table.

“My husband,” she told the guy. “I should have mentioned him earlier. Meet Chester.”

He gave some excuse about having been concerned about seeing a lady alone. Like she needed protection or some such.

His friends laughed again as he returned to them a little bewildered about what had just happened.

“He was hot,” she told me. “Kind of my type. If I had a type.”

I reassured her. “I’m good with you having a type. I guess he’d have been flattered to have known that he was yours.”


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