Night Out – Dominating Daisy Book Two

Daisy 2 300Kenton Fox and his college student submissive, Daisy, are back in the second part of their story and this time he’s taking her to a place she’s never been before.

An established member of the BDSM scene, Kenton knows exactly where to take Daisy to introduce her to the sights and sounds of being in a club full of people just like them.

Daisy’s nervous, though, and she disappoints Kenton by being difficult before they’ve even arrived. A short couple of hours later, they’re back home and he’s ready to show her the kind of compliance that he expects.

Very short and very hot, Night Out is the second in the Dominating Daisy series.

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Lunch Date – Dominating Daisy Book One

Daisy 1 300Kenton Fox is a bad news kind of a guy. Not that he ever pretended to be anything else. He’s been clear from the start. No love. No affection. This is about domination and submission. An arrangement, and certainly not a relationship.

College student Daisy’s mesmerized by him. He’s everything she’s ever fantasized about, and being this rich man’s plaything drives her half-crazy with desire. She’d do anything to please him.

Daisy knows that she’s disappointed Kenton and she knows he’ll have something in store for her. Some kind of punishment. Something to show that she can behave properly for him when she tries.

This hot short story is the first in the Dominating Daisy series and includes a light cp punishment scene and sexual content.

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