Sapphire – A Hotwife Charms Novella

Charms One Sapphire Cover 300Sapphire, my new Hotwife novella is available now on and lots of other sites (see the links list below).

My husband likes to play with stories.

He likes to talk me through some idea he’s had about me being with someone else.

He tells the story. I play. He watches.

His imagination takes me to places I never dreamed of before I met him.

Only this year, we decided to move things up a little. To see what happens when someone else creates the stories. To experience how it feels when they’re not just stories any more.

He gave me permission to play with someone else.

One condition.

Whatever happens. Whoever I’m with. I tell him everything.

Look in on Chester and Amanda as they begin an adventure that many couples dream of but few have the courage to live out.

Told from both points of view, Sapphire is a steamy story with love at its heart and more heat than most relationships could take.

Sapphire can be read and enjoyed as a standalone; there’s no cliffhanger, although there is a brief glimpse of what might happen later.

Hotness in abundance. Definitely an adult read. link

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24 Symbols


Her Husband’s Boss Series Collection

herhusbandsboss3d 300Alana’s been married to Tom for years, and she’s determined to stay that way.

Even after she discovered his gambling problem. Even though they’ve had to sell their home and downsize. Some things are for keeps and theirs is a kind of love that can withstand just about anything.

Just about.

When Alana finds herself alone with Tom’s boss, an instant attraction soon gives rise to a bargain that Alana can’t resist.

Assertive, assured and fabulously wealthy, Nathan’s everything that Tom isn’t and Alana finds herself falling for him hard. Powerless to resist the excitement she feels just from being with him, she has no idea of how far she’ll go to please him.

Wonderfully hot and full of the electricity that comes with forbidden attraction, Her Husband’s Boss is a series of three short books now available as a collection.

Available now in paperback or kindle on and (or Amazon wherever you are).

Also available via Barnes and Noble, iBooks, Kobo, Inktera, 24 Symbols and All Romance.

Dominating Daisy – The Completed Series

PicMonkey Collage smKenton Fox is bad news and he knows it. I know it too, but there’s something irresistible about him. Something I just can’t pull myself away from.

I wanted this. Don’t misunderstand me. I wanted to see how submission felt, and the idea of being a rich man’s plaything was more than appealing. I wanted to be played with. I wanted to be played.

Eyes wide open, I walked straight into this. I helped him to create every little part of our arrangement. I let him believe that I wanted an arrangement and not a relationship. That I didn’t mind knowing that he’d never let himself fall in love with me. That me falling in love with him wasn’t allowed. I let him believe I was OK with all of that.

I never expected that he’d come to mean so much to me. That pleasing him would come to mean so much.


I’m thrilled to have published the final book in the Dominating Daisy series. An older man and his younger plaything. Three very different scenarios. A blossoming submission that will delight fans of light BDSM romance.

All three books are available individually on and on

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(And, of course, worldwide on the Amazon site closest to you).

The Gang’s Birthday Surprise

Gang's Birthday Surprise 300Did you ever wonder how it might feel to be taken by more than one man?

Emily did. And then she shared those thoughts with her husband. He plans, prepares and enlists the help of a group of men who’ve enjoyed seeing Emily’s naughtiest pictures online.

They agree that Emily’s even better in the flesh, and they reward her with a birthday surprise that’s hotter than she could ever have imagined.

Short and incredibly steamy, this standalone story is a treat for anyone who’s ever thought of a group encounter, even if only fleetingly.

Curl up alone, enjoy and imagine. The ultimate birthday gift.

Click here for the link on

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Night Out – Dominating Daisy Book Two

Daisy 2 300Kenton Fox and his college student submissive, Daisy, are back in the second part of their story and this time he’s taking her to a place she’s never been before.

An established member of the BDSM scene, Kenton knows exactly where to take Daisy to introduce her to the sights and sounds of being in a club full of people just like them.

Daisy’s nervous, though, and she disappoints Kenton by being difficult before they’ve even arrived. A short couple of hours later, they’re back home and he’s ready to show her the kind of compliance that he expects.

Very short and very hot, Night Out is the second in the Dominating Daisy series.

Available now on and whichever Amazon site’s local to you.

Their Submissive Pet

Their Submissive Pet 300David and Sue spent a long time searching for someone to indulge their fantasies with. Fantasies about having a younger woman join them, submit to them and let them create something hot and special.

Inexperienced and new to submission, Kristy’s everything they imagined finding. When she messages their inbox, Sue picks up and decides to prepare Kristy as a surprise for her husband. The best surprise she’s ever given him.

In this hot short, Sue’s preparations are rewarded as David insists she’s pleasured first. Kristy’s own reward comes once she’s shown that she can be obedient and compliant, and David makes sure that she’s ready before he takes her for the first time.

Available now for and (and on the Amazon site local to you).

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Cuckolding Him : Her Husband’s Boss Book 3

cuckolding 300Alana’s relationship with Nathan, her husband’s boss, increases in intensity as she finds herself unable to resist him. He’s brought her to life, and he’s introduced her to the beauty of surrender. She couldn’t stop it now, even if she wanted to.

Confident that Alana will do anything to please him, Nathan gives her the ultimate challenge. She’s to bring her husband on her next date. To have him watch. To let him see how she behaves in the hands of a man who knows exactly what she needs.

Tom’s excited by the thought of sharing Alana, but will the reality be too much for him? Their evening together introduces each of them to moments they hadn’t expected.

Short, steamy and full of the electricity that comes with irresistible attraction, Cuckolding Him is the third in Ruby Harper’s Her Husband’s Boss series.

Available now on  and 

And worldwide on the Amazon site local to you.

Also available from itunes / Kobo / Barnes and Noble / All Romance and Smashwords

Becoming a Hotwife : Her Husband’s Boss Book 2

becoming 300Alana’s falling for her husband’s boss and she’s falling for him hard.

She’ll do anything he asks of her and she’s powerless to resist the excitement she has just from being with him. Not that just being with him will ever be enough. Not now.

Nathan’s enjoying the game. Enjoying seeing how far he can take Alana and working out exactly what she’ll do to please him. He’s assured, confident and knows exactly how to push her buttons.

When Nathan tells her that she’s to explain everything to her husband, Alana’s hesitant and she’s afraid of how Tom will react. Her choice is simple; tell Tom or risk never having the pleasure of intimacy with Nathan again.

Short, hot and full of surprises, Becoming a Hotwife is the second in Ruby Harper’s Her Husband’s Boss series.

Available now on and

And worldwide on the Amazon site local to you.

Also available from itunes / Kobo / Barnes and Noble / All Romance and Smashwords

Testing Alice

Testing Alice 300A new short erotic read for kindle.

Alice has been attracted to her billionaire boss Oliver Porter since the first day of her internship with his company, always making sure he notices the increasingly revealing clothing she wears to accentuate her curves. It’s no secret that she has a crush on him, and Oliver’s barely been able to hide the fact that he enjoys having attention from a girl straight out of college.

As Alice’s internship comes to an end, Oliver invites her for a discussion on whether she might be able to fill an opening in his office. But he needs to be sure that she’ll be willing to meet all of his needs, and that she’s willing to continue using her body to please him.

Available now on and – and whichever Amazon site’s closest to you.