The Gang’s Birthday Surprise

Gang's Birthday Surprise 300Did you ever wonder how it might feel to be taken by more than one man?

Emily did. And then she shared those thoughts with her husband. He plans, prepares and enlists the help of a group of men who’ve enjoyed seeing Emily’s naughtiest pictures online.

They agree that Emily’s even better in the flesh, and they reward her with a birthday surprise that’s hotter than she could ever have imagined.

Short and incredibly steamy, this standalone story is a treat for anyone who’s ever thought of a group encounter, even if only fleetingly.

Curl up alone, enjoy and imagine. The ultimate birthday gift.

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Their Submissive Pet

Their Submissive Pet 300David and Sue spent a long time searching for someone to indulge their fantasies with. Fantasies about having a younger woman join them, submit to them and let them create something hot and special.

Inexperienced and new to submission, Kristy’s everything they imagined finding. When she messages their inbox, Sue picks up and decides to prepare Kristy as a surprise for her husband. The best surprise she’s ever given him.

In this hot short, Sue’s preparations are rewarded as David insists she’s pleasured first. Kristy’s own reward comes once she’s shown that she can be obedient and compliant, and David makes sure that she’s ready before he takes her for the first time.

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Hotwife 4 300Emma’s hotwife training has taken an unexpected turn. A man who wants to own her is pursuing her and asking for her exclusivity. Emma and her cuckolded husband are hesitant, but she’s intensely aroused at the thought of one man being responsible for her training and progression.

With five days to decide, Emma knows that she wants to explore further with James. Words of caution from others are meaningless as her arousal takes her to another unexpected experience of pleasure in being used.

She’s surprised at the things that James expects of her so soon. But nothing could prepare her for having her husband observing her most erotic encounter yet.

Read quietly. Read alone. And don’t let your husband know.

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