Dominating Daisy – The Completed Series

PicMonkey Collage smKenton Fox is bad news and he knows it. I know it too, but there’s something irresistible about him. Something I just can’t pull myself away from.

I wanted this. Don’t misunderstand me. I wanted to see how submission felt, and the idea of being a rich man’s plaything was more than appealing. I wanted to be played with. I wanted to be played.

Eyes wide open, I walked straight into this. I helped him to create every little part of our arrangement. I let him believe that I wanted an arrangement and not a relationship. That I didn’t mind knowing that he’d never let himself fall in love with me. That me falling in love with him wasn’t allowed. I let him believe I was OK with all of that.

I never expected that he’d come to mean so much to me. That pleasing him would come to mean so much.


I’m thrilled to have published the final book in the Dominating Daisy series. An older man and his younger plaything. Three very different scenarios. A blossoming submission that will delight fans of light BDSM romance.

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